Swissotel Grand Şanghay

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Swissotel Grand Şanghay

You wouldn't expect to find a slice of Switzerland in the prime district of Jing'an, however this dynamic area is home to Swissotel Grand Şanghay. While there is a lot to do and see in the vibrant city, we offer you a place to work, relax and experience our fine Swiss hospitality, design and innovation. You are just a short walk away from West Nanjing Road, the city’s high-end shopping street lined with City Plaza, Réel, Jing'an Kerry Center and Plaza 66. Popular attractions such as Jing'an Temple and Jing'an Park, Şanghay Grand Theatre and Şanghay Museum are also close by. After a long day take time to unwind in our Spa Fitness centre, Get a good night's sleep in one of our 467 elegantly modern guest rooms and sample our fine international cuisine. Whether for business or pleasure, Swissotel Grand Şanghay anticipates your every need in one of Asia's most vital cities.

Misafirlerimizin deneyimini güçlendirmek için, lütfen otelin yüzme havuzunda 21 Aralık Salı ile 29 Aralık 2021 Çarşamba arasında bakım yapılacağını unutmayın.

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